The GM Pick-up index

Gunn & Moore English Willow bats are expertly crafted to produce the best balance available from a particular cleft of timber.

Most cricketers appreciate that whilst the absolute weight of a bat is of interest, it is the ‘feel’ or ‘pick-up’ of the bat when playing strokes that is more revealing of its character and more useful to tune the bat to the player’s technique.

A bat with a ‘light’ pick-up may well suit a ‘touch’ batsman more accustomed to guiding or controlling the ball accurately in precise directions, whilst a ‘heavier’ pick-up bat will be appreciated by batsmen more used to the power game.

Gunn & Moore introduce the GM Pick-Up Index, an assessment made at the factory by the batmaker of the bat’s relative pick-up. This is a subjective view as to the type of batsman who may derive maximum performance from the bat, rather like a wine expert recommending a particular vintage to suit an individual’s taste.

The Pick-Up Index will prove useful in helping batsmen select a particular Gunn & Moore bat to further develop and exploit their technique to very best advantage.