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GM in 360 Degrees

29th October 2013 13:39, in Cricket News

During Joe Root’s recent visit to the GM factory to pick up his bats for the current tour to Australia, Six 6 for Test Matches and Octane for ODIs and T20s, he took part in an interesting photo shoot.

Using leading edge photographic technology in conjunction with the Mail Online Plus and 360 Panorama UK the Gunn & Moore factory can now be seen in full 360 degree interactive panorama.

The first image, which was published by Mail Online Plus, shows Joe in the factory with his two bats for Australia with some of the craftsmen at their work tables making more bats from the same high quality willow and in the same way they made his for club cricketers around the world.

Gunn & Moore are very proud of all their craftsmen and they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. The second picture rectifies that. Jan is seen holding a finished GM bat with Vic, Mark, Ian, Brian, Lewis and Alan showing GM bats in various stages of production as each of them makes an important contribution to the finished product.

You can see the result of all their work in the Adult and Junior English Willow bat sections on the GM website.